40 Visually Stunning Dashboard Design Examples

Dashboard Design Examples

Ever since I wrote the Beginner’s Guide to Dashboard Design, I have seen many people searching for dashboard design examples to use as inspiration for designing their own dashboards.

Because so many people are searching for good examples of dashboard design, I decided to create this list of awesome dashboard designs that you can use as inspiration for your next project.

I have created this list from the works of various talented designers. These designers, through their work, have shown others how to design visually stunning dashboards.

But, before you start designing your own dashboards by taking inspiration from this list of dashboard design examples, do not forget to download the Dashboard Design Checklist that will show you how you can design useful dashboards in just 3 simple steps.

Now, without further ado, let us see these dashboard designs.

Dashboard Design Examples

Job Summary by Mason Yarnell

Job Summary Dashboard

Story Book by Cosmin Capitanu

Story Book Dashboard

PhotoLytics Dashboard UI by Balraj Chana

Photolytics Dashboard

Dashboard by Aryo Pamungkas

Dashboard Overview

Personal Dashboard by Florent Legrand

Personal Dashboard

Panels Dashboard by Cosmin Capitanu

Panels Dashboard

Dashboard by Piotr Adam Kwiatkowski

Dashboard by Piotr

Sales Dashboard by Sam Thibault

Sales Dashboard

A Dashboard by Nathan Fwamba

A Dashboard

Droplr Dashboard by Victor Erixon

Droplr Dashboard

Sales Dashboard by Bradley Bussolini

Sales Dashboard by Bradley

Dashboard Widget Selector by Dave Ruiz

Dashboard Widget Selector

Bills Bills Bills by Cosmin Capitanu

Bills Bills Bills Dashboard

Flat Dashboard by George Vasyagin

Flat Dashboard

Dashboard by Joshua Iwata

Dashboard by Joshua

Home Statistics Dashboard by Derek Bender

Home Statistics Dashboard

Admin Dashboard UI by Sergiu Firez

Admin Dashboard

IQ Dashboard by Virgil Pana

IQ Dashboard

Dribbble Dashboard Stats by Dany Rizky

Dribbble Dashboard Stats

Aspree by Zulal Ahmad

Aspree Dashboard

Xonom by Cosmin Capitanu

Xonom Dashboard

Smart Admin Dashboard by Mushfiq

Smart Admin Dashboard

Main trainer/admin dashboard by Vladimir Babic

Main Trainer Admin Dashboard

Ultramarine Admin by Cosmin Capitanu

Ultramarine Admin Dashboard

Loan Manager Application by Hanna Jung

Loan Manager Application Dashboard

Dashboard Concept by Serge Tiutyk

Dashboard Concept

Dashboard by Olivier Zattoni

Dashboard by Olivier

Webapp Dashboard by Ben Garratt

Webapp Dashboard

Sales Report by Piotr Adam Kwiatkowski

Sales Report Dashboard

Velo Dashboard by Jekin Gala

Velo Dashboard

Planner Dashboard Concept by Ghani Pradita

Planner Dashboard Concept

Code Exam Dashboard by Mashell

Code Exam Dashboard

Accent Dash II by Rovane Durso

Accent Dashboard

To-Do Dashboard by Tiberiu Neamu

To Do Dashboard

Material Dashboard by Machi

Material Dashboard

Social Engagement Dash by Rovane Durso

Social Engagement Dashboard

Some Analytics by Cosmin Capitanu

Some Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard “Stats” by Megan Fox

Dashboard Stats

Basic Dashboard Design by Kartik Mahant

Basic Dashboard Design

Webtrends Analytics by David Stewart

Webtrends Dashboard

Closing Remarks

I hope this list of dashboard design examples has given you enough inspiration for designing your own dashboards.

But, before you start designing your own dashboards, do not forget to download the Dashboard Design Checklist that will show you how to design awesome dashboards in just 3 simple steps.

If you have your own dashboard design to share with other people, let me know in the comments below, and I will be happy to include it on this list.

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