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Hi! I am Abhijit Rawool

Abhijit Rawool

Want to learn Web Application Design? I discuss everything about it over here at Web App Huddle. Interested in learning more? Visit the blog or connect with me on Twitter at @abhijitnr.

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How to Properly Design Inline Edit Feature in Web Applications

Inline Edit Design

I am not a big fan of Inline Edit design pattern in web applications….you will see why shortly! Inline Edit pattern enables users to edit text directly on the same page instead of navigating them to another page for editing the text. There are various ways in which you can design the UI inline edit […]

The Definitive Guide To Web Application Design Process: How to Build Easy-to-Use Web Applications

Web Application Design Process

Easy-to-Use is Really Difficult to Design… I think you know this already. And it is also the reason why this entire guide on the web application design process is written. The web application design process that I am about to show you is written specifically for those who want to design web applications that users find […]

Why Mental Models Are Essential In Web Application Design

Why Mental Models

I have talked a lot about designing web applications keeping in mind the Mental Models of the users of the web applications. A Mental Model is nothing but a model that the users will build in their mind about how a particular thing will look, feel and work. But I never really spent time in […]

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