Web App Huddle? What Is It About?

Abhijit Rawool
Hi! I am Abhijit Rawool, founder of Web App Huddle.

If you have ever considered building a web application then you would have surely thought of:

How do I Design a Web Application?

This is exactly what I answer over here at Web App Huddle.

However, I do it a bit differently. I look at existing designs, good and bad, question them and try to figure out if the designs could have been done differently.

The objective is not to find faults in the design. That is the job of a Test Engineer.

The objective is to learn from the designs.

There are millions of innovative minds out there in the world and looking at their work will certainly help us become a good web application designer.

So if you really want to keep yourself updated about Conceptualizing, Scoping, Wireframing, Interface Design, Interaction Design, Design Patterns and User Experience of a web application then enroll in my free email course – Rapid Web App Design.


Web App Huddle – What Its Not?

Now, let me tell you what Web App Huddle is not.

Web App Huddle is Not about Website Design.


Don’t be. Let me explain.

There is a fine line between a Website and a Web Application.

Website is generally a site whose primary objective is to provide information. A good example of it is this very website which you are on: Web App Huddle. This is a website or a blog to be more specific.

A website will typically not let you perform any actions. For example, upload a file, perform calculations; maintain your personal information etc.

A web application on the other hand will allow you to carry out actions. A good example of it is Youtube. You can just login into Youtube, upload your video and share it with your friends and family. Youtube will let you do much more than just watching videos. Another example is Facebook which lets you to Like someone’s photo, upload your photo, create a page etc.

I hope you get the idea.

Over here at Web App Huddle, I aim to cover every aspect of Web Application Design. If you are interested in Website Design, then there are thousands of websites out there on the internet covering this topic in great detail.


Who Am I Really?

Once again, my name is Abhijit and I am a Product Manager by profession. I work full time as a Product Manager designing Enterprise Web Applications or ERP to be exact.

I am not an expert in web application design and frankly I don’t think anyone can ever be.

But I am an avid learner and I design features which take me to the brink of insanity everyday 🙂

Over here on Web App Huddle, I aim to share my knowledge about web application design which I have gained while working on various features over the course of my career.

I hope you like what I share and if you really want to keep yourself updated with the latest methods in web application design, then enroll in my free course – Rapid Web App Design.

I promise I will not spam your inbox and you will only get the most relevant information on web application design right into your inbox.