The Complete Guide To Designing Web Applications from Concept to Finished UI, One Step at a Time!

This Book is a complete resource that will walk you through the entire process of designing web applications, from gathering requirements to designing the user interface.

It’s a learning program that will help you avoid the most common pitfalls and “gotchas” in designing web applications.

When You're Done Reading This Book, You'll Walk Away With a Plan And A System for Designing Web Applications That Will Meet and Exceed The Needs of Its Users!

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1. Understanding Requirements

This chapter will go into great detail about some of the misconceptions surrounding gathering of requirements. It will then show you how you can gather exact requirements by:

  • Understanding the problems that the potential users of your web application face
  • Understanding your potential users in detail and
  • Understanding the tasks your potential users would want to carry out in your web application


2. Defining the Scope

This chapter will go into details of how you should ideally be defining the scope of your web application. You will learn to define the scope of:

  • The delivery model of your web application
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Integrations with other applications
  • Tasks to support in your web application and
  • Features to include in your web application


3. High-Level Design

Once the requirements and the scope of the web application are defined, you will then learn to design:

  • The user roles that you should include in your web application
  • The security architecture of your web application
  • The conceptual model of your web application


4. Detailed Design

In this chapter, you will learn how you can take all the learning from the previous chapters and put it in action to design the user interface and workings of your web application.

You will also learn about the various design documentations that you can use to communicate and document your design ideas.


5. Design of Common Elements

In this chapter you will learn how you can design some of the common elements of web applications, particularly:

  • The Dashboard
  • The Forms
  • Navigation
  • Search and
  • Tables

There will be some other chapters too, but this will be the meat of the book.

I know that so much of theory can get overwhelming and confusing. So the book is written by taking an example of designing a Ticket Booking web application.

As you progress through the book, I will show you how you can apply the design principles that you are learning in each lesson to design the Ticket Booking web application.


Here are all the chapter from the book...

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Designing Web Applications
  • Lesson 2: What Is This book About?
  • Lesson 3: About Me

Chapter 2: Let's Get Started

  • Lesson 1: Why Web Application Design Fails?
  • Lesson 2: How You Can Rectify This?
  • Lesson 3: Before We Start

Chapter 3: Understand Requirements

  • Lesson 1: Misconceptions About Requirements
  • Lesson 2: Understand The Problem
  • Lesson 3: Understand The User
  • Lesson 4: Understand The Task
  • Lesson 5: Bringing It All Together

Chapter 4: Define The Scope

  • Lesson 1: Application Scope
  • Lesson 2: Functional Scope
  • Lesson 3: Bringing It All Together

Chapter 5: High-Level Design

  • Lesson 1: Define Business Roles
  • Lesson 2: Define User Profiles
  • Lesson 3: Design Security
  • Lesson 4: Design Conceptual Model
  • Lesson 5: Bringing It All Together

Chapter 6: Detailed Design

  • Lesson 1: Design The UI From Conceptual Model
  • Lesson 2: A Note On Wireframes and Prototypes
  • Lesson 3: Documenting The Designs
  • Lesson 4: Define Validations
  • Lesson 5: Bringing It All Together

Chapter 7: Design of Common Elements

  • Lesson 1: Dashboard Design
  • Lesson 2: Form Design
  • Lesson 3: Navigation Design
  • Lesson 4: Search Design
  • Lesson 5: Table Design
  • Lesson 6: Master-Detail Design
  • Lesson 7: Bringing It All Together

Chapter 8: Closing Thoughts

  • Lesson 1: Test Early, Test Often
  • Lesson 2: What Is Good Design?
  • Lesson 3: What Now?


Learn advanced tips and tricks about designing web applications. Here's a full list of what you will learn from the videos...

A Deep Dive In Web Application Security

A Deep Dive in Web Application Security

Learn to design web application security that is scalable and modular.

Mistakes To Avoid In Dashboard Design

Mistakes to Avoid in Dashboard Design

6 mistakes to avoid while designing the dashboards of your web apps.

Simplifying Web Application Search

Simplifying Web Application Search

One technique that simplifies the search feature of web applications.

Effective Use Of Tags

Effective Use of Tags in Web Apps

How you can use tags to design the core web application logic.

Reducing Form Fields

Reducing Web App Form Fields

The one principle to logically reduce the number of fields on a form.

Common Mistakes In Navigation Design

Common Mistakes in Navigation Design

The 3 mistakes to avoid while designing the web app navigation.


Step-by-Step Web App Design comes in two packages—perfect for any budget.


This package is perfect for people who know that details are important, that action is everything, and that if you’re going to do something right, you should give it your all.

  • VIDEO: A Deep Dive in Web Application Security
  • VIDEO: Mistakes to Avoid in Dashboard Design
  • VIDEO: Simplifying Web Application Search
  • VIDEO: Effective Use of Tags
  • VIDEO: Reducing Form Fields
  • VIDEO: Common Mistakes in Navigation Design


Everything You Need to Design Web Apps


The book is tailored for people who want to focus on the basics and build from there without biting off more than they can chew. You can always go bigger later!



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Hello there! I’m Abhijit Rawool, founder of Web App Huddle. I’m a design geek who knows just how challenging and rewarding it is to design a web application from scratch. It’s demanding work, but I love it.

I have designed enterprise level web applications, ERP to be specific, throughout my career and will continue to do so. I love to teach what I practice. I live in Hyderabad, India, and hate to travel. You can get in touch with me on Twitter (@abhijitnr).


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Step-by-Step Web App Design is a complete book that will walk you through the entire process of designing web applications, from gathering requirements to designing the user interface.



  • The Mega-Book + 6 Videos
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



  • The Mega-Book
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee