Kandan Web Application Design Case Study

Web Application Design Case Study

On this page you will find all the updates on the Kandan Web Application Design Case study.

So what exactly is this case study about?

This case study is my first attemp to design an enter web application right here on my blog in front of you.

I will walk you through each and every step of the design process and decisions I took while designing this application so that you get an idea of how to implement the various design fundamentals that you read everyday.

Sounds interesting?


For this project I have decided to redesign Kandan which is a open source web chat client.

You can check out Kandan over here.

Ok, with that said lets start with the actual case study.


Kandan Web Application Design Case Study

I would recommend that you read all the articles listed below in same exact order. This will help you to gain the most from this case study.

I will keep updating this page as I move forward with this case study. So make sure that you check back frequently.

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