Do You Know Why Web Apps Never Get Developed As Per Their Design?

Because Their Design Never Gets Communicated Properly!

And It Never Gets Communicated Properly Because It Never Gets Documented Properly...

If You Want Your Web App To Get Developed As You Had Designed Then You Need To Document Your Design Completely and Accurately!

Here's A Set of Documentation Templates That Can Help You Do Just That...

Design > Document > Communicate

Requirements Template

Capture all requirements of your web application properly and accurately.

User Profile Template

Document everything that you learn about the potential users of your web application.

Scope Definition Template

Define and document the exact scope of your web application.

Solution Approach Template

Design and document the high-level solution approach of your web application.

Use Cases Template

Write down use cases of how your web application will interact with users.

Functional Design Specifications Template

Document every small design aspect of your web application design.

Each Template is available in 3 different formats: PDF, Word and Pages

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